• Student guidance section assists students in dealing with daily livings within and outside the campus. The main purpose is to provide students a health and safe campus environment for studying and living.
  • Our services are aimed at the following category:
  • 1. Students dormitory administer
  • 2. Affairs of student's rewards and punishments
  • 3. Emergency financing aid
  • 4. Student appeal
  • 5. Oversea student service
  • 6. Lost and found
  • 7. Registered mail and parcel receiving service
  • 8. Gender equality education; moral conduct education
  • 9. Vehicle safety education
  • 10.Students’ Behavior & Conduct Achievements
  • 11.Students’ Penalty Point
  • 12.Rules of leave of absence
  • If students still have any other concerns about their lives, the consultation with them is also available.
  • Our Location: located on the second floor of Cheng-Jeng Administration Hall.
  • Our military instructors in military office teach students military training courses according to the curriculum standard, which are national security, national defense technique, theory of military affairs, battle history, study of arms, and the great sphere of military training. We not only actively collect every type of military to solidify our teaching materials, but also take students to visit defense bases during military training courses.
     In addition to the charge of teaching military training , we cooperates with the Office of Student Affairs to deal with other matters as: shouldering on 24- hour- duty to help administrative affairs, visiting the student hospitalized for illness or accidents, consulting the dormitory autonomy, advocating the traffic safety and promoting the anti-drug and anti-smoking activities.
    Military training office consists of 7 members, who is a director supervise 6 staffs that ranks differ form 1 colonel, 2 lieutenant colonels, 1 major and 3 Campus security officers. Each member has own counseling departments that deal with students' affairs during their livehood at school.

    Contact with Us

    Campus Security Line (24H) : 06-2133112

    Location : B107 Room,Chen-Jieng Administration Building, National University Of Tainan
    Office Number:06-2133111 ext 360~363、370
    Daily ext 360