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Overseas and international students to Know the campus:

[Overseas and international students google forum]

[Home page]

[go around the campus]

[Emergency phone numbers]

[The dormitory notice]

[Traffic information ]

[Overseas and international students google forum]

1. To provide the effectiveness for overseas and international students in contact each other, meanwhile the drillmaster in announcing something, we welcome you join to NUTN Overseas forum.

2. How to join :

(1) Browse : http://www.facebook.com/

(2) Choose :  Sign in and apply for membership

(3)  Enter your nickname and set how you want to receive the announcement or composition on the forum. Your nickname will be shown every time you send an announcement or composition.

(4) Please introduce yourself in the frame below your nickname to let the forum manager or owner know your identity, and then choose Apply This Group, wait for the forum owner or manager approves it.

(5) You will be the forum member after being approved by forum owner or manager.

(6) If you want to announce something, you can directly write your announcement on the page of forum by browsing : http://www.facebook.com/, enter your account ID and password, and then choose Overseas and International Students Google forum(國立臺南大學僑外生 聯誼會), click New Post and write the announcement. If you want to use the other e-mail address to join or receive and post the announcement, please directly contact the forum owner or manager.

(7) Every time you post the announcement, all members can see your announcement, it will be sent to all members e-mail address by system.


[Home page]

Get reiteration of student guidance Section

  Just leaving your home, joyunfamiliarsurprisingshy…..we hope the fold page can help you to adapt yourself to the new campus environment in a short time.

 If you have any problem about the dormitory , you can communicate with the housematesdrillmasterstudent guidance section.

 In order to protect the earth and your health, please prepare personal dinnerware.

 For you: please cherish your health and body for the one who loves you.

◎You have to learn the news in the campus

How can you get the news?

(You can get them from the school index, student business calendar, each department office announces, E-mail, class letterboxes, posts, MSN, BBS)

<Family and Senior >

"Learn to have no friend only, poorly read and ignorant then" Except for the teacher and the administration unit that you can get resources from, you can also ask some help to the family which belongs to you. They will give you many suggestions that help you much.

Beware of the fraud; give one call to home each week at least.


[go around the campus]

1 ATMYou can find the ATM at the school front and back gate, the way toward Rong Yu campus .If you need, the post and speed post can give you service.

2. RestaurantBeside the Jing Jing dorm, it gives you cheap and many kind of food.

3. Ya Yin building

Give musical performance place for the profession of the musicality activity design particularly, it is fine and simple and refined

   Inside pack, the very good response space is subjected to performance group and gives musical performance the favor of the houses deeply with low noise coefficient .Small and the United States give musical performance space, suiting small scaled band, chamber music, chorusing very much, and play solo (sing) etc. performance

4.art building: The first art gallery provide allied exhibition and of the flat surface art the exhibition usage

5 Nan Feng Square For downtown in Tainan construct a street view of having the humanities and art spirit more, the situation making community activity in Tainan City let a hundred flowers blossom. Art department the teachers and the students carry on of the vision art exhibition play, in the future will toward combine a language, music, drama, film, animation, the design's etc.'s synthetic art builds a street activity, the expectation will become whole art park areas that the Taiwanese poles have special features.

6. Cai Feng Square The green space in front the art building, and it is like a colorful world.

7. Ya Feng garden A small garden in the Ya Yin building, it is full of art spirit.

8. Energetic Corner: the ginger Student Activity Center stands for our spirit.

9. Shin Chuan Square : It is between Red building and Cheng Zheng building, standing for the traditions.

 10. Red building The newly wed loves to take picture here, the spot of historic is very unforgettable for you.

 11.Cheng Jeng building: Division of Student Affairs, Division of Academic Affairs, and library are there.

12. Library

You can search for knowledge which you want to get to, many giants were bred up by it.

13. Li Wen Book Store

T here is books, stationery, gifts, magazines and any kind of test books or language books

14. the rest center for students and teachers

There are four centers for you, you can study, take a rest and discuss the reports


15 .The activity center: Many clubs and class mail boxes are there. When the new

semester starts , many activities are hold at there.


[Emergency phone numbers]

school (Fu Cheng) 06-2133111

school (Rung Yu)06-2606123

Drillmaster room (24H) 06-2133112

Drillmaster room (extension) #360-363

Coaching center #690--694

Guard roomFu Cheng#461

Guard roomRung Yu#75097601

Nan Men police station  06-2148283

The second branch police station 06-2144229

Traffic team06-2595959

Tainan life association01995

Miss Chang lines01980

Cheng da hospital06-2353535

Shu Li hospital06-2200055


 [The dormitory notice]

All the beds in the rooms are assigned by student guidance section
After assigning, it is not allowed to change the bed with others off the record.
A person in charge
The man who was numbered “A” has to pay attention to follow things:
The man has to tell the news what the bed masters say.
He stands for all the guys in the room to deal with the affairs.
He has to report emergency affairs back.
About the air conditions
Air conditions are installed in each room, and you have to pay for using them.
You can spend NT$305 or NT$605 on the pre-paid air condition card at Li Wen book store in school.
When leaving your room, you’d better take the card out for fear of breaking the air conditioner.
Using it carefully, don’t take it out fast or slowly.
About taking care of the room property
You have to take care of all things (like keys ,desk ,chair ,bed, cabinet, air conditioner, remote controller ,and phone) in the room .If they are broken, you must pay for them.

  • Repair

If you have ant problems about repairing, you can click it.

  • Public hygiene

You have to clean up your surroundings for fear of punishing.

Recycle the trash before you throw it away.

  • About the internet

You have to get you IP from the dormitory network service(Chunghwa Telecom) system before using it.

Forbid to create any public sex network server (Server), disobey as the FTP, BBS, WWW, the P2P etc. stop an its dormitory network certification an account number an usage power for three months.

If against anti- origin important point matter, details severity, the computer center signs the report student business office argument.

  • The important rules

To protect the earth, please turn off power after leaving your room.

Ø           Freshman possess an accommodation guarantee, put forward an application according to term, stop for the night then, have no far near deci in region. Sophomore mentioned above, is registered by the computer application again the computer draw lots mode decision accommodation. It is not allowed to put dangerous things and cook in the room

It is not allowed to light candles, connect power, or use other electrical appliance in the room.

It is not allowed to smoke, play Ma Jiang, fight, or other business.

It is not allowed to keep pets, move the bed, or exchange the bed with others.

   The control at gate time is a nighttime 12:00, can't break to brush card control at gate system and break, movement dormitory various provisions for securities.

Ø  Can not bring opposite sex into bedroom and stay overnight with opposite sex friends.

Ø Can not break walls or doors and windows, the garbage pile releases gallery or other public regions and parks a bicycle and pastes up poster.

Ø  You have to keep quiet when you in the dorms.

The light will turn off form 00:00~06:00

Ø  To cherish public properties, or you have to pay for it.

About the points deducted, please read the “students dorm rules”

About the charge

Ø  Graduate student Triple Room:NT$8,080

University student: NT$6,830

  • How to get dorm information?

Student Affairs Section network: http://www.nutn.edu.tw/gac300/2016site/

Discipline Section network: http://www2.nutn.edu.tw/gac320/2016site/ you can get bulletins and download documents from it.

Student dorm network: http://www2.nutn.edu.tw/gac320/2016site/dorms.html

Pay attention to those web addresses for fear to miss these pieces of news.

     Discipline Section phone number: 06-2133111 (ext:#320-324)

    Dorm extension number: Female: #365、367     Male: #373   368

  • Dorm basic equipment

Each room with: air conditioner ,remote control of air conditioner ,wooden bed(single), desk and chair, book shelf ,clothes chest, electric fan, phones outer, net outer, desk light.( Huai Yuan Jhai and Fu Ren Jhai will provide)

Public equipment: bathroom , restroom, coin-washer , coin-drier, coin spin-drier, RO water dispenser, clothes drying, monitor, extinguisher , exit , lavatory smoke detectors, alert, saloon, Public Telephone.

  • The room number

Jing Jing Jhai:1+room number

Huai Yuan Jhai : 2+room number

Yi You Jhai : 3+room number

Fu Ren Jhai : 4+room number


 [Traffic information ]

 ◎Len De interchange

To the direction of cityDongmen Rd.turn left to Linsen Rd.—through Underpass—turn right to Datong Rd.--to First bankturn leftShulin St.Affiliated Primary School of Tainan University-(turn left--to Fu Cheng Campus


City busNo.5-- dismount from gymnastics park stationNo.88—dismount from Zheng Cheng gong’s temple station

But body of Tainan city bus print Kaohsiung passenger transport

  Internet access to Tainan city hall refer to run time

  Pedestrian:(about 1.7 kilometercan follow Depotturn left to Front station)-Beimen Rd.Dongmen Rd.roundabout

  -(Go straightDatong Rd. to First bankturn rightShulin St.Affiliated Primary School of Tainan Universityto our schoolwalk about 25 minutes

By taxi about 8 minutesa fare for a vehicle ride about NT$80

◎Tainan airport

. By taxi about 15 minutesa fare for a vehicle ride about NT$300

.By busdismount from gymnastics park station—Jiankang Rd.Wufei St.turn left)-to Fu Cheng Campus by-south school gate


◎Fu Cheng Campus   Rongyu Campus

  Frontback gate—Jiankang Rd.—Datong Rd.—Dalin police post--to see lion bridge--turn left to Rongyu St.—to along railway straightly—Rongyu Campus

◎The most convenient short distance transport of school or out school—Primary choice is bicycle second is motorcycle

◎The ancient capital folkways honest, but brows were narrow that ride should be carefully



:::Address: 33, Sec. 2,Shu-Lin St., Tainan, Taiwan 700          
Phone: +886-6-213-3111-320~324 
  Fax: +886-6-301-7909
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