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  *  Pei-hsuan Chen

       Service: The synthesis principle students guidance section each service

             Tel: +886-6-2133111 ext. 320           

        E-Mail: c26260553@mail.nutn.edu.tw



  * Chia-Dei Huang

        Service:1.Affairs of student's rewards and punishments

                   2.Emergency financing aid

                   3.Oversea student service

                   4.Lost and found

             Tel: +886-6-2133111 ext. 324

        E-Mail: carter@mail.nutn.edu.tw

  *  Ya-Ting Yang

        Service:Service and Academic.

              Tel: +886-6-2133111 ext. 322

         E-Mail: s04009@mail.nutn.edu.tw     

  *  Chun-Kai Huang

        Service:1.Student appeal

                   2.Gender equality education

                   3.moral conduct education
                   4.Rules of  leave of absence

                   5.Students’ Behavior & Conduct Achievements
Students’ Penalty Point

              Tel: +886-6-2133111 ext. 323

         E-Mail: kaiven@mail.nutn.edu.tw 

  *  Shu-Zu Yang

        Service: Students dormitory administer-Jingjing Hall

              Tel: +886-6-2133111 ext. 367

         E-Mail: anita@mail.nutn.edu.tw

  *   Chin-Ping Wu 

        Service:1.Homepage administer

                    2.Students dormitory administer-Huaiyuan Hall

              Tel: +886-6-2133111 ext. 365

         E-Mail: jinping@mail.nutn.edu.tw

  *  Ming-June Lin

        Service:1.Registered mail and parcel receiving service

                    2.Students dormitory administer-Huaiyuan Hall、
                    Yiyou Hall & Furen Hall

              Tel: +886-6-2133111 ext. 373

         E-Mail: flsturtle@mail.nutn.edu.tw


:::Address: 33, Sec. 2,Shu-Lin St., Tainan, Taiwan 700          
Phone: +886-6-213-3111-320~324
  Fax: +886-6-301-7909
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