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Drillmaster intimate remind. 


1. After paying tuition should conduct a class. If you cannot conduct a class should ask for leaveor regard as cutting class.

2.A school term just has two morning rallyall teachers and student should attend.

3.Your absence and team cooperation…etc that will be appearing at morality achievements.

4. Bear in mind University is an open space that backpack please doesn’t put at commanding platform or the place cannot see. Or when you come back after going to exercising or leaving, you will discovered that your backpack was lost.

5.At chamber do not put valuables such as moneycredit card that will be stealing.

6.Deep in the nightplease do not linger on street

7.Chamber do not let the opposite sex come in, and also do not come to the opposite sex room or accommodate a guest for the night.

8.Relationship is beauty, but the most impotent is to conduct oneself with dignity and esteem some other persons.

9.Because of disappointment in love, Bear in mind The next men or women will be better.

10.If you have any persecution, you should pour out your heart to your classmatesgood friendsand school instructor.

11.Don’t tell your credit card number to your classmatesgood friends and strangers.

12.Should guard against strangers at railroad (or bus) stationroadsideDon’t accept merchandising from salesmen

13.To take precautions against cheater that you should make a phone call to your parent.

14.To be sure to do so, do not buy new motorcycle that will be stealing.

15.When you riding motorcycleplease buckle your safety helmet up.

16.You can play heartily at associationcollegelovebut cannot overdo.

17.Remember to review your everyday lessons.

18.Don’t revel in BBSMSN and online game, or you will be flunked.

19.Service education should come in on time

20.Should to know your drillmasterand when you seeing acquainted drillmaster or teachers should greet.

21.If you have any difficulties, you could look for school drillmaster06-2133112)!


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