* CPAS professional counselling service
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The mission of the career counseling section is to help students develop their  careers smoothly. Career consultants fully utilize the accurate information that the test provides for individual  to offer in-depth career consultation and guidance. The benefits of the test are broadly proven by individual service cases.

Career Assessment ToolsCPAS (

 The test takes only 10 minutes for users to complete 120 clearly stated questions, with the outcome received right afterwards over the network.

The test results include 12 main career personalities, such as EQ and action ability, as well as five types of work capacity and six core career abilities and leadership potential.

The report shows evaluation results for six core competencies, with five levels of A, B, C, D, E that objectively reflect the users’ characteristics.

Please contact the member of career counseling section for more information.

NameYing-Chen Huang