About us
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I. Goal of Establishment

* The Alumni Service Center aims to unify alumni in assisting school affairs, to provide career planning and counseling and to promote professional development of students and alumni.

II. Organization and System

* The Alumni Service Center operates under the direction of the director. The center divides into alumni service section and career counseling section. There is one chief and one officer in each section.

III. Work Category

  1. Promote organizations and activities of the alumni association.
  2. Establish alumni’s information pool.
  3. Elect and celebrate outstanding alumni.
  4. Help alumni organize class or grade reunion.
  5. Edit and send alumni newsletter.
  6. Send birthday cards to alumni monthly.
  7. Provide alumni with various consolations and services.
  8. Publish the electronic journal, “Guo Jiao Zhi You”.
  9. Charge the application of alternative teacher certificate.
  10. Charge affairs of teaching practice in old system.
  11. Charge reexamining relevant applicants’qualification.
  12. Help to allocate the numbers of government-sponsored students to schools.
  13. Charge paying government-sponsered money and service requirement.
  14. Provide relevant career information and resources.
  15. Provide career planning and counseling.
  16. Provide career opportunities through building partnerships.