After passing the college entrance examination and being admitted into a college are very exciting. Going to college is a very unique experience in a person's life. Some students are very young and away from home for the first time. Some students may be going to this school without choices. Other students may be going back to school with the responsibility of a family to start a new career.  No matter what your reason is for being in here, the lessons learned and obstacles overcome to you can provide a wonderful opportunity for emotional growth and maturity. However, these lessons and obstacles can also result in negative consequences such as overwhelming stress, anxiety, and other difficulties that affect your performance as a student. Where can you go for help in these circumstances?

As expressed in our mission statement, "The Counseling Center at NUTN is committed to developing the personal and academic potential of Students by providing professional counseling services and outreach education designed to support the emotional health of our students". To that end, our counselors are available to help you work through your personal challenges in an effort to enhance your quality of life, as well as to improve your overall functioning as a student.


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