• ● Individual and Group Counseling
  • ● Consultation for Students, Faculty and Staff
  • ● Referral to Outside Practitioners and Agencies
  • ● Educational Programs and Workshops

According to the University Law from the Ministry of Education, the Counseling Center has been established its services to university community. The mission of the center is to enhance the quality of life for all members of the University community through the provision of specially tailored professional services designed to enhance the personal, interpersonal, academic, and vocational development of University community members. Respect for diversity and a commitment to students' personal growths are guiding principles in the work we do.


The Counseling Center carefully guards your confidentiality. No information will be released without your authorization. Confidentiality will be broken only if it becomes apparent that you may do harm to yourself or to others or if the law/legislative requires the center to make a report. Therefore, all matters discussed are confidential and are protected by the ethical and legal principles of confidentiality as defined by the Chinese Guidance Association (CGA)

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1.Individual Counseling

Counselors at this center help students clarify confusions, obtain information, and find possible solutions to their problems through face-to-face interview.
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2.Group Counseling & Workshop

Every semester we offer the students with group activities and workshops on different topics to help them understand themselves, and develop sound mentality.

3.Psychological Assessment

The Psychological Assessment are not only tests or fortune-telling but standardized scientific measures that help the students know themselves better and help the counselors understand the examinees’ current mental status, professional aptitudes, or personality traits. The analyses by the counselors offer the students suggestions and guidance in facing changes and making decisions.

4.Class Guidance

At the request of tutor or students, we will provide a professional counselor to conduct a class discussion on a proposed topic. 
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5.Volunteer Peer Counselor Training

Volunteer counselor training not only gives the students the opportunity to know themselves better and become mature by serving others, but also helps foster potential counselors and school counseling.