|  Introduction


  The Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) is dedicated to promoting environmental protection, and to ensure laboratory safety and hygiene within the campus. The ultimate goals for the Center are to maintain a safe, healthy, and environment-friendly campus through the prevention of pollution, accident related injuries, and health hazardous caused by unsanitary working conditions.  



  | Organization |


  ESH is a 1st level administrative unit reporting directly to the Present of the University. The Center currently has two staff members, including its Director and a labor safety and hygiene manager. Major policies concerning lab safety, hygiene, and environmental protection in the campus, are stipulated by the Committee of Environment, Safety and Health of the University. The Committee also oversees the operation of the Center and audits the implementation of its policies. 



  |  Objectives  |


  Execution plans related to environmental protection, lab safety, and hygiene in the campus are developed by the Center. It also supervises the implementation of such plans and provides technical assistances to academic and administrative divisions of the University. Specific responsibilities of the Center include policy formulation, planning, and supervision for the followings:

  1.      Campus environmental protection;

  2.      Laboratory safety and hygiene;

  3.      Toxic materials management;

  4.      Equipment safety inspection;

  5.      Labor health management;

  6.      Occupational hazard prevention, investigation and analysis;

  7.      Training and education.    


  | Outlook |


The University of Tainan has a long tradition of maintaining high standards on aesthetics and safety of its campus. Responsibilities of the ESH have expended considerably with the addition of science and engineering based departments, and the rapid growth in number of laboratories after restructuring of the University at 2004.  The works ahead will prove to be even more challenging with the incorporation of the new Chi-gu campus. The Center will strive every effort to maintain a consistent and high quality service to the students and faculty of the University. policies. 


  | Contacts|



   Director:Wen-Bo Hwang


   Tel:2133111#480 06-2606123#7716




   Labor Safety and Hygiene Manager:Carol Chou







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