Our program focuses on the integration of theory and practice in Drama and Theatre. Undergraduate students are required to take at least 128 credits to graduate. Four major parts are included in our curriculum

Drama / Theatre Basics Introduction of Theatre, History of Theatre and Drama, Introduction of Script Analysis, Acting, Improvisation, Directing, Playwriting, Theatre Production, Theatre Technology, Fundamentals of Visual Arts Design, Stage Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Music and Sound Design in Theatre, Theatre Management
Theatre for Young Audience Children and Adolescents Development, Playwriting for Children and Youth Theatre, Devising and Directing for Children and Youth Theatre, Study of Famous Children’s Theatre and Youth Theatre Texts, Contemporary Children’s Theatre, Puppetry: Devising and Practice
Drama Education Creative Drama, Drama in Education, Techniques of Storytelling, T-I-E─Devising and Directing, T-I-E─Practice, Curriculum Design and Implementation in Educational Drama
Applied Drama Applied Drama and Theatre, Oral History Theatre, Community Theatre, Practicum in Applied Theatre, Devising Interdisciplinary Theatre, Creative Cultural Industry, Multimedia Design in Theatre, Contemporary Theatre in Chinese, Local Music and Songs in Taiwan, Intercultural Theatre, Appreciation of Traditional Theatres, Acting & Practice for Traditional Theatre, Music Improvisation