In 2003, the Graduate Institute of Drama/Theatre was founded to meet the needs of teacher training in Performing Arts which had just become a new subject in the National Curriculum in Taiwan. Through the efforts of our faculty members and graduate students, the program soon became well-known throughout the nation and has been evaluated highly in the National Assessment for Higher Education. In 2006, our undergraduate program was started under the “Department of Drama Creation and Application.” For the first three years the goals of the department included: to provide teacher training opportunities; to introduce ideologies; to implement curriculum; and to engage in research in “Drama Education” for Taiwanese schools. After the undergraduate program was founded the development of studies in “Applied Drama/Theatre” became an additional goal. We hope to expand the focus of the department from schools to the service of children, young people and families in our community and society. Through theatrical collaboration, we intend to cultivate to the integration of multi-disciplinary approaches and media into the creation of student artistic works. Our interactive drama program seeks to expand the awareness of local, cross-cultural and globalization issues.