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  pic:title Director Lin, Ching-Jen


Director Lin, Ching-Jen

Tel: 886-6-2138354 (o) fax: 886-6-2137944

Mobil 0958788573





• Education

• National ChangHua University of Education M.Ed. Counseling and guidance ( minor in the area of education of visual impairment ) 1985-1987

• The Ohio State University master program of vision education 1989-1990

• The Ohio State University , rehabilitation service (doctoral program) 1990-1991

• The University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D., Special Education ( rehabilitation counseling major ) 1991-1995

• Current Position

Associate Professor, Department of Special Education

Director, Cente of Education and Rehabilitation for the Visually Impaired

National University of Tainan

• Work Experience

1. Associate professor, Department of Special Education, National ChungHua University of Education ( TAIWAN ) 1995-1997

Director , Office for Disabled Students, National ChangHua University of Education 1995-1997

2. Associate professor, Department of Special Education, National Tainan Teachers College, 1997-present

Director, Teacher Preparation Center for Students with Visual Impairments 1998-present

• Major Publishing Research Articles and Research Grant

• Lin, C. J. (1995). Employers' Perceptions of workplace Accommodations for People with Visual Impairments . Dissertation of The University of Texas at Austin .

• Lin, C.J., & Chen, C. H. (1999). The investigation of abilities and attitudes regarding riding bicycles ad motorcycles by teenagers with low vision in Taiwan . Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation ( in Chinese ) , 7, 245-279.

• Lin, C.J. (1998). The investigation of the use and knowledge of optical devices by junior and above age low vision students in Taiwan . National Science Council grant number: NSC087-2413-h-024-009.

• Lin, C.J. (2001). The validation of the high school entrance test for students with visual impairments in Taiwan (in press)..

Professional activities and association membership

• Attend 1994 AER ( Association of Education and Rehabilitation for Children and youth with visual impairments and blindness ) conference July in Dallas, TX ( student member )

• Attend 1998 8.26-31 The 4 th World Blind Union general Assembly in Toronto , Canada

• Attend 1998 .10.15-18 American Printing House for the Blind's annual convention in Louisville , KY

4. 1999.7.30 met Dr. James Leja from Western Michigan

University in Tainan , Taiwan

5. Attend AER International Conference in Denver ,, CO 2000.7.15-19

• AER member 2000-present

• member , The Association of Special Education of Republic of China

• Board of Directors, Taiwan Association of Education for the Blind and Visually Impaired.


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Ke-Hua Chen




  pic:title Hsiu-Man Tsai

Hsiu-Man Tsai