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觸發青春靈感、點亮科學生活(Trigger youthful inspiration, light scientific life)

* Office Staff

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Office Staff

Dean: Dr. Rong-Ming Chen
Dept. of Computer Science & Information Science
Tel: +886-6-2133-111 ext. 140

•The Division of Academic Development

Director: Dr. Hsien-Lee Tseng
Dept. of Public Administration and Management
Tel: +886-6-2133-111 ext. 141

Administration Assistant: Chia-Ching Wu
Tel: +886-6-2133-111 ext. 142
E-mail: cathywu@mail.nutn.edu.tw

•The Innovation Incubation Center

Director: Dr. Che-Hung Liu
Dept. of Business and Management
Tel: +886-6-2133-111 ext. 180
E-mail: chehung@mail.nutn.edu.tw

Administration Assistant: Shu-Yin,Tsai
Tel: +886-6-2133-111 ext. 181

•The Division of Plan Service

Director: Dr. Cheng-Yu Lin 
Dept. of Public Administration and Management
Tel: +886-6-2133-111 ext. 145

Administration Assistant: Hao-Chen Wang
Tel: +886-6-2133-111 ext. 146
E-mail: haujen@mail.nutn.edu.tw