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觸發青春靈感、點亮科學生活(Trigger youthful inspiration, light scientific life)

* Division of Academic Development

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  • School Evaluation/ University Evaluation
  • The Subsidy and Incentives for Academic Research
  • NUTN Journal Publication and Management
  • Higher Education Database of MOE
  • Budget Allocation for Advanced and Expensive Instruments
  • Nominations for Advancement of Outstanding
  • Bilateral Cooperation Programs of MOST
  • Subsidies for College and Universities Research Rewarding of MOST
  • Academic and Research Ethics
  • Personnel Exchange Program of MOST
  • Subsidies for Atteding International Conference of MOST
  • Subsidies to Teams for Going Abroad of MOST
  • Research Projects for Colleges of Humanities, Arts and Management (Hiring Research Assistants, Applications, Funding Principles)
  • Others